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Making Renting & Lending Kidswear Simple & Beneficial

Transforming consumption habits is playing an important part in fighting climate change and reaching net zero. I’m more than excited to announce that me and my business partner Kristiina Koort have finally soft launched The Rewear Company, a fully circular and managed rental marketplace for new and preloved kidswear that will help parents save up to 60% on their children’s clothes and reduce their carbon footprint by up to 80% when renting instead of buying new. Every year around €250 billion worth of new kidswear is bought to be worn few months and then discarded. All of that is financially wasteful, environmentally harmful and we’ve decided to change that.

Our circular solution, clothing-as-a-service (CaaS), enables:
  • Parents, brands and retailers to effortlessly lend kidswear and earn commissions;

  • Parents to rent kidswear for a fraction of the original cost and swap once outgrown;

  • We manage everything: logistics, inventory management, listings, professional cleaning and maintenance;

  • Clothes are rented out, used to the fullest, repaired if needed and then responsibly up- or recycled into new products.

We’re also very glad about The Rewear Company success in becoming the national finalist of the ClimateLaunchpad 2022 (a global green business ideas competition) and the finalist of the Fashion For Change (european growth programme for sustainable fashion-tech start-ups). Our start-up did not only earned the spot in the programme but already got to pitch on stage to industry leaders and investors. Thank you very much for these opportunities and giving us the chance!

Now we continue developing our services and product range, and working on our scaling plan to grow the business. Please follow The Rewear Company in your preferred channel and support our journey of making renting and lending kidswear a popular choice among parents across Europe!

For more information go online at Rewear.Company

Written by Ines K-Salo, @inesksalo, Sign2Act.


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