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Into to Going Carbon Neutral

What does it mean to become carbon neutral?

Warming of the planet of 2°C (3.6°F) relative to preindustrial levels would almost certainly create dangerous, potentially irreversible changes in our climate (The Madhouse Effect, 16). Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, a steadily increasing number of people have started to take action against climate change. Organisations and businesses around the world are addressing the global threat of climate change and becoming carbon neutral for the benefit of people and the Planet. 

Climate neutral aka carbon neutral is a phrase and concept that was established in the beginning of this century to establish a clear carbon reduction goal for offsetting unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in order to reduce net climate impact to zero.

We can all make a positive impact on the environment by offsetting the majority of our personal GHG emissions from home energy use, driving, flying and household waste. It's fundamentally important that each of us try to become climate neutral as soon as possible. Carbon offsetting makes environmentally and economically sense for GHG emissions that are impossible to reduce but we can use funds to help reduce emissions elsewhere.

Balancing our footprint

Carbon credits and carbon offsets are an internationally recognised way how organisations and individuals can manage their carbon emissions. It's crucial to take steps to decarbonise and buying carbon credits or offsets can help out as it's almost impossible to completely avoid activities that cause emissions. Balancing our carbon footprint by supporting carbon reduction projects has became easier than ever before.

Carbon credits allow to build projects that reduce GHG emissions. In other words, both carbon credits or carbon offsets are purchased to fund these certified carbon reduction projects that contribute to eliminating or decreasing the GHS emissions. That's how organisations can diminish the impact of their own GHG emissions, even though the projects are located elsewhere.

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Carbon Credits VS

Carbon Offsets

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Organisations & Nonprofits 

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