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"We're Sleepwalking' To Climate Catastrophe", warned Antonio Guterres

The 7th edition of Economist Impact’s Sustainability Week has kicked off. The keynote speech was delivered by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who said "The world is sleepwalking to climate catastrophe. If we continue with more of the same, we can kiss 1.5C goodbye. Even two degrees may be out of reach." That's a terrifying truth that needs to be addressed.

The starting week will examine how existing policy and regulatory frameworks have addressed climate change, and the progress made so far on emission-reduction commitments. Bringing together industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and researchers from around the world, the event will assess how society can take a more holistic approach to sustainability in order to achieve targets and deliver significant impact.

Collaboration, trust and investments are the three things that we all urgently need to do to tackle global challenges.

We're calling all sustainability advocates to join the 7th annual Sustainability Week that's happening from today till 24th of March virtually and in London (22nd of March in St. Pauls). We must not forget that the only way to make a powerful impact is if we join forces.

Today' s agenda:

9.20 GMT - Keynote panel: Learnings from Glasgow—What’s next? 9.55 GMT - Interview: Innovating for a better society and a greener future 10.15 GMT - Panel: Greening the financial system 10.50 GMT - Interview: Investing for change 11.10 GMT - Panel: Innovation in green finance 11.45 GMT - How digitisation will improve company ESG data 12.00 GMT - Panel: Harmonising ESG ratings 12.45 GMT - Interview: Analysing environmental and social impact investments 13.05 GMT - Panel: Unlocking capital for emerging economies 13.40 GMT - Panel: Financing innovation in climate tech 14.15 GMT - Fireside chat: Joining forces: Delivering sustainability goals through collaboration and partnerships 14.40 GMT - Panel: The road to nature-positive 15.15 GMT - Panel: Setting goals—Spotlight on the Global Biodiversity Framework and TNFD 15.50 GMT - In conversation: Embedding the value of natural capital in economic, financial and political decision-making 16.15 GMT - Session: The incentive to invest in nature 16.50 GMT - Presentation: Fostering biodiversity in agriculture for a better yield 17.15 GMT - Fireside chat: A sustainable future for protein 17.35 GMT - Panel: Farming for the future 18.20 GMT - Closing remarks

Written by Ines K-Salo, @inesksalo, Sign2Act.

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